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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please read below for frequently asked questions for the state of Connecticut.


What is the cost of the course, and how do I pay?

The AARP Smart Driver™ online course is $21.95 for AARP members and $27.95 for non-members. You may make your payment online using any major credit card through our secure server.

You may also choose to pay by check or money order. Please make checks or money orders payable to AARP Driver Safety. Be sure to include your driver's license number so we can more easily match your payment with your account. If paying by check or money order, you cannot begin the course until we have received your payment.

You may send your check or money order to:
AARP Smart Driver Course Tuition
4201 FM 1960 West, Ste. 100
Houston, TX 77068

Due to the sensitive nature of credit card transactions, AARP Driver Safety uses the latest encryption technology to ensure maximum security. Protecting your information is a priority, and we have taken the steps to ensure the safest transaction possible.

AARP Driver Safety uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect the security of your online order information. To check the security of your connection, look at the lower right-hand corner of your browser window after accessing the server. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending on your browser), then SSL is active and the server is secure. You can also double-check by looking at the URL line of your browser. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https." Some versions of browsers and some firewalls don't permit communication through secure servers. In that case, you won't be able to connect to the server and will not be able to place an order through a secure connection. If you cannot access the secure server for any reason, please register for the course by phone at 1-800-350-7025.

You are able to receive a refund if for any reason you do not complete the course or do not wish to continue it. You will have 30 days from the date of registration to request that a refund be credited back to your credit card account. Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds after 30 days and/or after the course completion certificate has been processed. To request a refund, contact Customer Service at 1-800-350-7025 or email customerservice@aarpdriversafety.org. All refunds will be issued within 30 days following receipt of a permissible request for cancellation.

Unfortunately, once a user has completed the course, the course material is no longer accessible. However, all participants can access our Driving Resource Center to continue learning and testing their knowledge after the course ends. Visit www.aarp.org/DRC

Account Creation

You will need the following information when registering for this course:

  • AARP member number (required for AARP discount)
  • Driver’s license number (required for certificate of course completion)
  • Credit card account information

It is the national procedure of AARP Driver Safety to collect the driver’s license information and date of birth of each course participant. This information is required to guard against fraudulent use of the Certificates of Completion and to maintain the integrity of the program in the view of the insurance industry, state departments of motor vehicles, and state insurance commissions.

General Course

The AARP Smart Driver™ online course in Connecticut is four (4) hours in length. You may complete the course all in one sitting or you can choose to complete the course at your own pace, logging on and off at your convenience. The course will automatically keep track of your progress so that when you log back on, your course will resume from where you left off. Per Sec. 5. Section 38a-683-4a of the state of Connecticut regulation of the Department of Motor Vehicles, registrants for the online accident prevention course must successfully complete the entire course within 30 days of registration in order to receive credit and a certificate of accident prevention course completion.

If you started the course at a computer in one location and want to continue at another, simply log in using your username and password. The online version of the AARP Smart Driver™ course is designed to be convenient. You may take the course at any time from any location on a computer with an Internet connection.

Follow the useful guidelines below for finding your way around the course:

  • Use the Next and Back buttons in the lower right corner to move forward and backward through the course
  • On some slides, you may need to complete an activity before selecting the Next button
  • If you open a text box during an activity, you may also need to select the Click to Return button to close the box and continue
  • Use the controls at the bottom to adjust the volume, pause the slide, and replay the slide
  • The menu on the left lets you know where you are in the course. You can select the white triangles next to the menu items to expand and collapse each unit and its topics
  • You will need to take the course in order and cannot jump ahead. However, you can go back to the slides you have already visited by selecting the menu items
  • You can select the Resources link on the upper right side to download the helpful documents that are available throughout the course
  • You can select the Exit link in the upper right corner to leave the course at any time
  • You can always return to the course and pick up where you left off, so please be sure to use the Exit link to save your place

The online version of the AARP Smart Driver™ course is professionally narrated and animated with graphic illustrations of the concepts being taught.

While there are a number of quizzes contained in the course, they are not graded and will not prevent you from moving forward through the course. However, the quiz results are recorded and shown to you to ensure you are progressing and learning the material presented in the course. The main purpose of these quizzes is to help you feel comfortable understanding the information being presented.

There will also be an ungraded exam at the end of the course, which will also be recorded and summarized for you. Again, the purpose of the exam is to help you feel comfortable with the material. If you do not answer a certain number of questions correctly on this final exam, you may be required to retake the final exam until you have answered the required number of questions correctly. If you are having trouble and are being asked to retake the final exam more than twice, please contact our Customer Support staff at 1-800-350-7025 or customerservice@aarpdriversafety.org for assistance. Our priority is for all our participants to succeed!

The AARP Smart Driver™ online course is recognized as an approved Mature Driver accident prevention course for drivers age 60 and older by the State of Connecticut, Department of Motor Vehicles. However, insured drivers of all ages may be eligible for a reduction in automobile insurance premium charges after completing this course. Please check with your insurance company or agent for any additional requirements for eligibility.

You will receive your Certificate of Completion within 5-15 business days after you complete the course via standard U.S. Mail. If you need to receive your certificate sooner, we offer an express service for an additional fee (FedEx – 2 day, Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight.)

Upon purchasing the course for a family member or friend, you will be asked to provide the state in which the recipient has a valid driver’s license, his/her full name and email address. Once the course has been purchased, you will receive a confirmation email, and the recipient will receive an email notifying him/her that he/she has received an AARP Smart Driver online course from you. Before beginning the course, the recipient will be prompted to set up his/her user account, and then he/she will be ready to get started.

After purchasing the course for a family member or friend, you will receive an email with your receipt, along with a notification that your gift has been emailed to the intended recipient.


If you get disconnected from your Internet provider for any reason, simply reconnect and log back in to aarpdriversafety.org and start your course again. You can continue the course from where you left off.

Our expertly trained Customer Support staff is ready to help you 7 days per week. You can contact our friendly representatives by phone or email, whichever works better for you.

Speak to a representative: 1-800-350-7025
Email: customerservice@aarpdriversafety.org

If you prefer to correspond by mail, please mail us at:
AARP Driver Safety
4201 FM 1960 West, Ste. 100
Houston, TX 77068

Unfortunately, the course is unavailable on tablet or mobile devices at this time.


  • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome
    (The AARP Smart Driver online course is compatible with the current and previous version of each browser above.)


  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader

Operating System:

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or greater
  • Linux


  • Sound card
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Screen resolution 1024x768
  • Broadband Internet connection (DSL, T1, cable modem, ISDN)
  • Dial-up Internet access is not supported

How to Find Your System Information

The location of your system information will vary based on the operating system you are using. To see steps to system information for each operating system, click here.

Windows XP, 2003, and Vista

  • Click "Start" on the Taskbar
  • Go to "All Programs"
  • Go to "Accessories"
  • Go to "System Tools"
  • Click "System Information"

Windows 7

  • Click "Start" on the Taskbar
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Click on System.D19


  • Go to Finder, which will be an icon in your dock
  • Click "Macintosh HD"
  • Open the "Application" folder
  • Open the "Utilities" folder
  • Click on "Apple System Profile", and read the information that comes up

Additional Info

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